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Senegalese Twists… Bigger but not so much better

so…… I got tired of the hair for a minute. I put twists back in. I managed to make my sections bigger and got the hair to blend beautifully using my shea butter mix and aloe vera gel.

Problem: something makes my hair flake!!!!!! :(

This go round, I co-washed my hair with As I Am Coconut Cowash(This stuff is the TRUTH! Sidenote: might write a review on it. I’m waiting to finish it up. I think I have 2 washes left… maybe one. Idk! lol). My hair was in two stranded twist when I washed it.(I noticed having my hair sectioned in coils, twists, etc. it saves oodles and oodles of time! Detangle, apply products, twist! Try it!). The twists held for the most part. So I just installed like normal. I have used all these products before so I’m not sure what my issue may be as far as flaking… *shrugs*

Another Problem: twisting bigger sections of hair don’t blend/stay as easy :(

I struggled with that at first, but as I continued, it got easier. For the size, I think marley hair would have been the better buy. Mr. Marley conserves the kinkyness in bigger sections better vs kanekalon.

Lesson learned? Smaller sections or maybe I’ll use my gel for the holding power.

Other than that… Until next time! 

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